Part 20 Defendant

A party who is not originally part of the proceedings e.g. because the Claimant or Defendant has added them to the proceedings; alternatively, this could be the Claimant e.g. where the Defendant has made a counterclaim against the Claimant

Part 20 Claimant

Where a Claimant or Defendant brings a claim against another party other than the Defendant but in the same proceedings; alternatively, where a Defendant brings a counterclaim. The Defendant will be a Part 20 Claimant and the Claimant will be a Part 20 Defendant.

Directions Questionnaire

A questionnaire that helps the court decide how to deal with your case and which track to allocate (assign or transfer) your case to. This used to be known as an Allocation Questionnaire. See our guide on Directions Questionnaires

What happens in Court?

It is natural to be nervous or apprehensive about going to court. For most people this will be the first time and there will be the fear of the unknown. Hopefully this article will help to elevate these feelings. It is unlikely to get rid of them completely. If you […]

How much does it cost?

Apart from your time, you need to budget for the following court fees which apply to small claims. If you need legal advice or representation at court, there will be additional fees to pay. Issue Fee (the fee you pay the court to start the claim): Claim Amount Paper form […]

Will I need Expert Evidence?

In many disputes the expert evidence is central to determining the dispute. If there are issues of a non-legal technical nature the judge will need the guidance of an expert witness. However, the use of expert witnesses in the small claims court is unsual. If you wish to use expert […]

What Evidence will I need?

Apart from professional advice on the legal issues in your case, this is arguable one of the most important areas to determine the success or failure of your case. Depending on the amounts at stake (emotionally and financially), this is an area you should seriously consider getting some independent advice, either professional […]

What can I claim for in the Small Claims Court?

The short answer is anything assuming it falls into the small claims criteria (in terms of value and complexity – see ‘What are small claims?’ and ‘Allocation outside the small claims court‘) and is not specifically excluded e.g. claims for harassment or unlawful eviction, in both cases relating to residential […]

How long does a Small Claim take?

It is a difficult question to answer accurately given the number of variables to any one case e.g. how the other side respond or how the court responds or how busy the court diary is. If you case is not defended, you can apply for judgment in default (See our […]

What is a District Judge?

This is the level of Judge who hears and rules on cases in the County Court. Small Claims would be dealt with by District Judges For more details on the hierarchy of the judiciary please go to